Operation Legacy

Travis Manion Foundation and Entercom Philadelphia have teamed up to provide assistance for Aston Township Firefighter and EMT and Ridley Park Police Officer, Aaron Kisela.











Kisela, a Delaware County native, not only serves as fireman, EMT and police office for his day jobs, but also volunteers as a fireman at another firehouse.  He and his fiancée  Megan have four young children wth the fourth being born this fall.

One year ago, the Kisela’s purchased their first home.  They thought it was going to be their dream home for their growing family, especially because it was a rare home in that neighborhood with a second floor addition.  However, in short time, this endeavor became a nightmare.  When asked why their kitchen floor was on a slope, the home inspectors advised that it was normal from the house settling and due to the type of flooring.  Shortly thereafter, the Kisela’s learned the owner removed a whole joist from under the kitchen to redo bathroom plumbing.   The lumber in the basement holding the weight of the house was insufficient to hold the weight of the 2nd floor addition from the previous owner.  Because of this, the house was slowly caving in.

To make matters worse, state laws precluded the Kisela’s from holding the previous owners or inspectors accountable. 

Over the last three months, the Kisela’s have experienced a whirlwind of life events.  In September, Megan and Aaron had their fourth child.  Simultaneously, engineers and contractors advised the Kisela’s that the “clock was ticking” on the house’s structural integrity.  Thus, less than six weeks after giving birth, the Kisela’s were forced to take out a loan for tens of thousands of dollars to hire a contractor to secure the house and make it safe for the family.


The Kisela’s moved out of their house while this significant construction project was completed that including “jacking up the house” and inserting new structural beams in the basement to secure the foundation. 

However, there has been a “silver” lining already and with the help of more home improvement partners, we hope that lining becomes “gold.”  During the process of lifting the home, the HVAC unit, which was several years’ old and provided oil heat, had to be moved as a structural beam needed to be place where the HVAC unit was located.  With the assistance of Delaware County-based Pompetti Heating and Air Conditioning and American Standard Heating & Air Conditioning the Kisela’s received a brand new two-stage HVAC gas-powered unit and brand new ducting.   This was a blessing with a new a baby and as winter was approaching. 

In addition, upon completions of some remaining renovations, IKEA will b providing new furniture and accessories to the Kisela’s for them to enjoy in their newly renovated and secure home!



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