Remarkable Women 021719-Nina Stanley-Kelly Edwards-Shelia Escovedo

Friday, February 15th

This show is packed with Remarkable Women! First, Marilyn continues her conversation with Heart Survivor, Nina Stanley with the American Heart Association. February is American Heart Month and Nina is a lovely young woman who has turned her experience into a positive way to help others. She is committed to encouraging heart survivors to keep advocating for themselves. She shares with Marilyn tips on how to keep your heart healthy! We encourage you to visit for more info! 

Next we meet Kelly Edwards, Community Outreach Director for Arts + Crafts Holdings. In her role at Arts + Crafts Holdings, Kelly spearheads programming, event planning, and special projects coordination for tenants and residents throughout Spring Arts District. It’s a job that you might not even know exists and it’s actually really, really cool. Plus, Kelly is a self-proclaimed architecture/history geek so she shares some fun facts and stories about the Philadelphia neighborhood!

And last but certainly not least, Marilyn talks to Sheila Escovedo! Yes, SHEILA E! Sheila E is a percussionist, singer, author, and actress. People say she is the “Queen of Percussion”. Sheila E shares stories about breaking barriers in music and a few interesting anecdotes about Prince.