REMARKABLE WOMEN 040719-Jenny D'Amato-Pax Tandon

Thursday, April 4th

This April we are featuring Komen’s Champions of Breast Cancer every Sunday. Our first Champion is Jenny D'Amato. When Jenny was diagnosed with breast cancer in December 2017, she did not have insurance. Her doctor gave her a pamphlet of the subsidized program she was receiving for treatment, and she saw it was sponsored by Susan G. Komen. Jenny shares her story with Marilyn and why she chooses to walk in the Susan G. Komen 3 Day. The 3 Day is October 18-20th in Philadelphia. For more info and to register visit  

Next we meet Pax Tandon, author, producer, wellness advocate, and teacher, she’s pretty much a jack of all trades. Her book, “Mindfulness Matters,” is on shelves and in palms now. She also recently finished work on a mindfulness short film, which she co-produced, co-wrote, voiced and starred in. Pax delivers the “zen” for your Sunday morning. Learn more about her at