Remarkable Women 061818-Dr Julia Snyder-Fred Stein-Lauren Miller

Monday, June 18th

Marilyn's first guest is Dr. Julia Snyder who brought along with her to discuss Fire-Fighters, first responders and EMT's maintaining good health while they're out their saving lives. Her practice is set up to provide more time and care to patients.

Marilyn then revisits herr conversation with the Remarkable Fred Stein, the man from the Creative Group who put together a massive and incredible Philadelphia Eagles Championship Super Bowl Parade in less then 6-days. (Marilyn thought it be good timing to feature a man on Father's Day).

Marilyn's third guets is Lauren Miller Executive Director for the Tara Miller Melanoma Foundation founded by her twin sister Tara, before she died of melanoma in 2014. Lauren is also one of the 5 finalists for the upcoming KYW Women's Achievement Award Event on Thursday June 28th at the Lowe's hotel.