Remarkable Women: Debbie Savigliano, Sharla Schwartz & Susan Keller

Friday, October 16th

Happy 10th Anniversary to Bianca’s Kids, a 501(c)3 approved nonprofit organization based out of South Jersey, established in the memory of Bianca Yodice, who was just 21-years-old when she was killed in a car accident in August 2010. Over the last decade, Bianca’s passion of helping sick and needy children has continued to inspire the spirit of giving in others. Bianca’s Kids has granted wishes to 25,000 children and families all over the United States, and internationally in Italy, Australia and the U.K. Meet the Founder: Debbie Savigliano, Marilyn’s first guest this week.

Susan Keller, a Development Communications Coordinator for Delaware County Literacy Council and coordinator for Champions of Adult Literacy, is here to talk about their Annual Telethon on October 21st at 8:00 p.m. This year is definitely like no other as the zoom event features some remarkable honorees and several Delco Superstars who are happy to give back to their community. To learn more about the Literacy Is Essential Telethon, please check out their event page here:

Sharla Feldscher, a teacher, author, and PR expert has published KIDFUN: 401 Easy Ideas for Play, Ages 2 to 8 Yes, timing is everything! With the pandemic, parents, grandparents, anyone who cares for young children may need it now, more than ever! All of the ideas contained within are fun, creative, and educational and none of which use electronics. This is a book you’ll want to share this with friends, family, teachers, media, and more, but first, listen to hear more about it.