Remarkable Women: Julie Ertz & Lizanne Magarity Pando

Monday, July 6th

WOGL honored Julie Ertz as our Remarkable Woman of the Year last year and she continues to show how remarkable she truly is. You may've seen the emotional embrace she shared with her team mate Casey Short while the National Anthem played at the start of the the second game of the National Women’s Soccer League tournament in Utah last week. It was the embrace seen and heard around the world...2 players, one white, one African American, both wearing BLM tee's knelt, hugged and wept together to show unity in sports and in friendship.

Julie's statement is below. Just one more reason we wanted to share Julie and Marilyn's conversation on sports, love, life, support and giving back to the community.

“Currently, every time the national anthem is played, our country continues to become more and more divided on what the visual symbol of unity looks like,” Short and Ertz said in a joint statement they released Tuesday. “Through our continuous conversations we wanted to make sure that whatever we decided to do, it would not be an empty gesture. It would be a gesture that portrayed that we have heard those who needed to be heard, validated and loved.

“That moment during the anthem was difficult, very difficult. We are still searching but we are humbled by the outpouring of support.”

Marilyn also sits down with the President of St Hubert's High School for Girls, Lizanne Magarity Pando to learn how brick and mortar schools quickly adjusted to teaching digitally from home and getting the class of 2020 ready to graduate. The students, with the help of their sewing teacher,  leapt into action from home and helped make masks for hundreds of health-care workers in Philadelphia. Lots more to the story so listen in.