Remarkable Women: Kellie Brunton and Manna Sue Daugherty

Monday, October 26th

Our first guest, Kellie Brunton, is a therapist and public speaker.  She’s the Clinical Director and Co-Owner of Ambler Counseling Center And an adjunct professor at Chestnut Hill College.

This segment is what you need right now as Kellie shares details on how to stay positive and centered as we head into round two of the Pandemic.  Honestly, Kellie's self-care suggestions are something you’ll use to power through your day, no matter what’s got you Feeling little over-whelmed. 

Our second guest is Sue Daugherty, RDN, LDN, Chief Executive Officer, Manna Pennsylvania.

Manna uses nutrition to improve the health for people with serious illness who need nourishment to heal. Food As Medicine. Typically, Manna would have 2-3 fundraisers a year to ensure they can continue servicing their clients, but this year, everything has changed. Their bid annual fundraising will be the only one this year, so we're helping you can help - Pie in The Sky; Pie a Pie, Feed A Family, just in time for Thanksgiving. Sue joins Marilyn with all the delicious details. to order