Baby Shark

Baby Shark Mac & Cheese Is Coming to Walmart in July

Baby Shark macaroni and cheese will be available for purchase at Walmart starting in July. The boxes, which feature shark-shaped noodles, will sell for 50 cents each. Find out more about the song-inspired mac & cheese here!
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‘Baby Shark’ Is Coming Back With a New Television Show on Nickelodeon

The viral ‘Baby Shark’ song will once again be stuck in your head. The ‘Baby Shark’s Big Show’ is a new television show that will premiere on Nickelodeon.
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Baby Shark Goes Metal

Baby Shark has taken a turn… to metal! Over the past few months, people young and old have gone crazy over the “Baby Shark” song because it is both catchy and easy to learn. Along with the viralness of the song, came the Baby Shark Challenge. The baby shark challenge involved different hand motions...
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