Tesla Employee Engineers New Chocolate Chip That Maximizes Taste

A Silicon Valley engineer recently decided to take on something no one thought needed improvement — chocolate chips — and somehow made them better.
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The Reason Why Chocolate Is so Addicting

Having a craving for chocolate is common, but can you be addicted to it? There’s a reason why people crave chocolate so often. Read more on why chocolate is so addicting for you.
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Eat Drink and be Marilyn

Eat, Drink and Be Marilyn: Kennett Square Chocolate Festival

This one's for YOU chocolate-lovers!!!
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Hershey's and Yuengling Are Launching a Chocolate Beer

We may have finally found a more ambitious crossover than “Avengers: Infinity War.” Two of the most renowned brands in chocolate and beer are teaming up to bring consumers the ultimate thirst-quenching treat, chocolate beer. Hershey’s is taking their quintessential ingredients and blending it with...
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Coffee and Chocolate Will Actually Make You Smarter, Says Neuroscience

Chocolate & Coffee Actually Make You Smarter, Says Science

It's proven!
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Hold ON... Chocolate Is Actually Very Healthy???

Don't forget, you can try some of the best chocolate in the PA/DE/NJ area at our Quest For The Best Chocolate!
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Discover The "Brotherly Love Milkshake" & Craftsman Row Saloon

It's actually beyond delicious!
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Franklin Fountain Releases Subscription Services

Get your Ice Cream and Chocolate Monthly!
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