Closeup portrait headshot woman pinches nose with fingers hands looks with disgust something stinks bad smell situation

What's the Worst Smell?

The "New York Times" used scientists to figure what's the worst smell in the world was. We asked our listeners about their least favorite smells.
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Snow In Philadelphia

A Snow-less Winter In Philadelphia

Are you sad about the lack of snow this winter or do you consider it a blessing we’ve made it this far with so little snow?
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Woman rejecting a geek boy in a blind date

What Was The Worst Date You've Ever Been On?

Valentine's Day is almost here. We asked listeners to tell us the worst date they've ever been on.
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funny bride and groom playing with a basket of supermarket

What Non Traditional Place Did You Get Married

You can get married for free at Denny's in Las Vegas on Valentine's Day. We asked our listeners to tell us other non-traditional places they've been married.
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Rear view. Two people choose food in a fast food restaurant

How Would You Feel About Valentine's Day At A Fast Food Restaurant?

Producer Zach is planning to take his wife to McDonald's for Valentine's Day. Is this sweet or is it time for him to grow up
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Idea for the celebration of Valentine's Day

Would You Be Cool With Pizza For Valentine's Day?

20% of people say they wish their date would order pizza for Valentine's Day
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Remarkable Women Melanie Corbman and Heather Annechiarico

Remarkable Women - Melanie Corbman and Heather Annechiarico

Marilyn Russell talks to Melanie Corbman about her work at Cancer Treatment Centers of America and Heather Annechiarico about her new bat in Philly - Wine Dive
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WOGL To-Do List: Lunar New Year, chowder crawl, and more for Jan. 24-26

Things to do in Philly this weekend, Jan. 24 to 26

Kick off the Year of the Rat with Chinese New Year festivities or more unconventional things to do in Philadelphia. Read the details, only on The WOGL To-Do List, here.
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Alin Gragossian, Heart Survivor

Remarkable Women - Alin Gragossian

Getting you ready for Heart Month next month. This episode of Remarkable Women shares the extraordinary survival story of Alin Gragossian who nearly died of heart failure before her 30th birthday. Then stick around for dessert as Marilyn's second guest is from United Way of Southern Chester County...
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Scott Robbins

Things to do in Philly this weekend, Jan. 17 to 20

Whatever you choose to do this weekend, get started with The WOGL To-Do List, your guide for all things to do in Philadelphia and the surrounding suburbs this weekend. Listen to our top picks here.
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